3 Way Valve

Diverting type that divides the flow into two directions and mixing type that converges two flows into one are available. For valve size 2.5 in.(65A) or under, 531F(mixing type) is also used as diverting type with no functional problem.

Body type : 521F, 531F
Body size : 3/4"(20A) to 8"(200A)
Body rating : ANSI Class 150 to 600, JIS 10K to 40K
Fluid temperature : -45 to +300°
Connections : Flanged (RF)
Body materials : SCPH2/WCB, SCS13A/CF8, SCS14A/CF8M
Trim materials : SCS14A/CF8M, SCS24
Rangeability : 30:1
Flow characteristics : Linear, ON-Off
Seat Leakage : Rated Cv × 0.1% ANSI Class III
Actuator combination : 5200LA : Pneumatic Diaphragm Actuator
6300LA : Pneumatic Cylinder Actuator
    3500LB,3600LB : Solid State Electronic Actuator
    3800LA : Microprocessor Actuator