ep 1000

EP1000: Electro-Pneumatic Positioner
This is an intelligent electro nuematic positioner that conforms to field equipment communication standard HART, which is a world standard.
It permits easy and positive digital adjustment of positioner response characteristics and zero and span from a host equipment mounting DDL or from an HHC (Hand Held Communicator). Furthermore, with 3-key calibration executed by a pushbutton built in the positioner, it is possible to set principal items by unit positioner, without need for HHC or the like.
It can be mounted to an actuator of any of single action type, double action type, rotary type and linear type, and it operates with a 4-20mA instrumentation signal and compressed air. Therefore, it is a positioner of broad universality, and it is capable of transmitting self-diagnosis information and others besides valve opening and open/close limit signals to a host equipment that conforms to HART.
KOSO is now developing FF dealing equipment, which digitalizes up to control signals and conforms to Field bus Foundation Standards.

Series EP1000
Applicable Actuators Single and double acting actuators
Input Signal 4 to 20mA DC (adjustable to 1/4 split range)
Power supply 2-Wire type
Input impedance 500? at 20mA (Input voltage less than 10V)
Characteristic Linear (Desired characteristic settable)
Pilot valve Non-bleeding type
Single acting and double acting types are available
Air supply 140 to 700kPa
Air consumption Output air pressure 50%
5Nl/min at 140kPa air supply
15Nl/min at 400kPa air supply
Max. capacity Capacity when output is atmospheric venting
175Nl/min at 140kPa air supply
400Nl/min at 400kPa air supply
Performance For single acting actuator
Linearity : +/-1.0% of FS.
Hysteresis : 0.5% of FS.
Response level : 0.1% of FS.
Repeatability : 0.2% of FS.
For double acting actuator
Linearity : +/-1.5% of FS.
Hysteresis : 0.8% of FS.
Response level : 0.2% of FS.
Repeatability : 0.3% of FS.
The above represents the performance of the positioner on an actuator without a valve. For the performance of the complete unit with a valve and an actuator, see KOSO STANDARD SPECIFICATION.
Calibration 1 button calibration
Calibration by positioner alone.
Own program
with Note PC or Desktop PC
Self diagnosis items Air supply check/Eath unit's function check/Over load check
Fail position for breakdown selectable
Air connection Rc 1/4
Wiring connection G 1/2
Ambient temperature Standard type : -20 to 80o, Explosion type : -20 to 60o
Ambient humidity range 10 to 90% RH
Enclosure Weather proof type (IP65), Explosion proof type (ExdCT6)
Standard ancillary Auto-Manual change
Housing material Aluminum alloy
Coating Epoxy resin group paint
Coating colors Body : Dark green, Cover : Light gray
Apporox. Weight 2.6kg
Optional specifications Available upon request
Position transmitter 4 to 20mA 2-Wire type
Power source required in addition to input signal.
Limit switches Open/Shut
Open collector type
Self diagnosis indication diagnosis result on LED
Separate power supply required
Wiring connection 1/2 NPT
Air connection 1/4 NPT