top & bottom Guided

Bottom Padding

SIZES : 0.5" to 12" (15mm to 300mm)
RATINGS : ASME 150-600


  • High flow capacity.
  • Tight shut-off.
  • Excellent flow control rangeability.
  • Excellent flow pressure control of very low flow rates.
  • Cast body proportioned to withstand high pipe stresses without distortion.

Bottom Padding


  • Heavy top-guided valve, with no bottom guide to obstruct seat bore and potentially trap debris.
  • Trim options: Contoured, microspline and multi-spline (2,3,5 stages)
  • All trim components are removable from the top.
  • Large range of trim CVs per valve size.
  • Cryogenic applications.


  • Contoured trim :
    Used in the majority of applications, this trim is most suited to low pressure-drop applications. The contoured plug has a specially profiled plug head, which offers a smooth profile to the flow and permits a high-pressure recovery.
  • Soft -facedfaced contoured trim :
    Used in applications where bubble-tight shut-off is required. The plug features a clamped-on shroud which locks the soft-faced ring in position, ensuring a high degree of closure.
  • Microspline trim :
    This is an ideal choice for very low flow rates. The seat-guided construction is capable of handling high pressure drops without instability. This trim design has excellent rangeability, since the plug and trim are designed as matched pairs to give a 'gravity slide fit'.
  • Multi ulti -stage stage microspline trim :
    Used for very high pressure-drop applications or where there is the potential for cavitation. Two, three and five-stage designs are available, depending on the pressure drop and cavitation potential. For very high pressure drops in excess of 100 bar the plug and seat insert can be manufactured from tungsten carbide or advanced ceramic material.