concentric Segmental Ball Valve

Bottom Margin

210C: Concentric Segmental Ball Valves (FLOWMAX C/Wafer)
This series is concentric segmental ball valve for modulating application. V-notch cut at disc makes rangeability larger and creates shearing effect by disc and seal ring. Therefore, suitable to large rangeability service and/or control of fluids with fiber and/or slurry.


230C: Concentric Segmental Ball Valves
This series is same as 210C series except that the stem penetrates the body and is supported by double gland packing.The stem's blow out force is set off in this construction making it suitable to heavier services such as high pressure, high temperature service because of heat expansion insulation design stem.

Bottom Padding


Bottom Padding

Body type 210C 220C 230C
Body size 1"(25A) to 12"(300A) 1"(25A) to 18"(450A) 6"(150A) to 24"(600A)
Body rating ANSI Class 150 to 600, JIS 10K to 40K JIS 10K ANSI Class 150 to 1500, JIS 20K to63K
Fluid temperature -45 to +500° -45 to +500° -45 to +650°
Connections Wafer type Flanged (RF) Flanged (RF, RTJ)
Body materials SCPH2/WCB, SCS13A/CF8, SCS14A/CF8M. etc
Disc materials SCS14A SCS13A, SCS14A
Disc treatment Chrome plated or Stellited
Seal ring materials R.TFE, SUS316 R.TFE, SUS304, 316
Rangeability 100:1 to 500:11111 100:1
Flow characteristics Approximate Eq% (Inherent Characteristic)
Leakage Metal seat L Type seat: Rated Cv × 0.001%
H Type seat: Rated Cv × 0.25%
Leakage Soft seat Bubbletight ANSI Class VI
Actuator combination 6300RB, 6400RB, 6500RA, 7300RA: Pneumatic Cylinder Actuator
3500RB, 3600RB: Solid State Electronic Actuator
3400RB: Electric Motor Actuator