Series 60 (Rotrol)

Bottom Padding


The Rotrol range of high-capacity butterfly valves has been developed to overcome the problems associated with control, cavitation and noise in conventional designs.

This innovative control valve performs especially well in severe service applications, where pressure drops tend to be high in the controlling position but where high-capacity throughputs at low pressure drops are also required

SIZES : 6" to 48" (150mm to 1200mm)
RATINGS : ASME 150 to ASME 2500

Why Choose A Koso India Rotrol Butterfly Valve?

  • High flow coefficient.
  • Streamlined flow passages to optimisze capacity.
  • Anti-cavitation, low-noise vane design.
  • Lighter weight and more compact than a globe valve.
  • Superior seat and stem seal integrity.

Bottom Padding

Introseal soft-seat 150 to 2500 Standard and Rotrol Wafer, flanged lugged VI -196 to +235
Introseal metal-seat 150 to 2500 Standard and Rotrol Wafer, flanged lugged IV -196 to +600
Introseal Firesafe 150 to 2500 Standard and Rotrol Wafer, flanged lugged VI -196 to +235
Control (no seat) 150 to 2500 Standard and Rotrol Wafer, flanged lugged II -196 to +800


  • Profiled vane with cowls on leading and trailing edges to dissipate energy created by pressure drop across the valve.
  • Baffle plates fitted for noise attenuation.
  • High rangeability - excellent control between 5o and 90o of opening.
  • Operating torque requirements are around half the conventional butterfly valve requirements, requiring smaller more compact actuators.
  • Complete range of body materials.
  • Temperature range: -196oC to 800oC


    • Series 63 :
      For applications where 100% shut-off (Class VI) is required in the closed position on liquids or gases and where control of the flow through the pipeline is required.
      Temperature range : -196oC to 235oC.
      Pressure drops : up to 100 bar.


    • Series 64 :
      For applications where only a small leakage (Class IV) is allowed in the closed position or where an elevated temperature or arduous service makes a soft seat impractical.
      Temperature range :-196oC to 600oC. Higher temperatures can be achieved with guidance from our engineering department.
      Pressure drops : up to 100 bar.


    • Series 65 :
      As Series 63, but with a back-up seat to maintain the integrity of the valve in the event of a fire destroying the soft seat. The metal back-up seat will allow only small leakage in the closed position. The valve will remain operable after a fire until it is safe to remove it and replace the seals.


  • Series 66 :
    For applications were leakage in the closed position is not a problem, but where controlling the amount of liquid or gas through the pipeline is essential. Class II leakage is maintained in the closed position for temperatures up to 200oC; leakage rates increase at higher temperatures.
    Temperature range :-196oC to 800oC.
    Pressure drops : up to 150 bar.