Bottom Padding


The 'G' Series diaphragm has been developed from Introl's highly successful 'A' Series range. The use of an involute rolling diaphragm permits the long travels required without the need for expensive hardware normally associated with rolling diaphragm types. A wide selection of spring ranges are available and the use of ball thrust races prevents torsional loads being applied to the diaphragm as well as reducing the effort required to precompress the spring. The modular design allows retrofitting of many of the optional extras without modification of the basic unit. For standard applications the diaphragm actuator offers the following advantages over the conventional piston type :-

  • Simple cost effective design.
  • Increased life and reliability, accurate honed bores with delicate sealing systems are not required.
  • Low cost, simple maintenance.
  • High performance, low friction rolling diaphragm gives comparable hysteresis with piston types.

Bottom Padding

Performance :

  • Reliability.
  • High Power.
  • Full response.
  • Low Hysteresis.

Design Flexibility :

  • Reversible fail action without extra parts.
  • Split Coupling for easy attachment to valve plug stem.
  • Wide selection of optional accessories available, many without modification of standard unit.
  • Involute rolling diaphragm simplifies actuator design.
  • Variable stroke up to 8".

Design Integrity :

  • Robust steel construction.
  • Low stressed alloy steel springs.
  • Twin seal box with wiper system.

Quality Manufacturing :

  • High quality material with traceability throughout manufacture.
  • Quality Assurance systems in accordance with ISO9000 2000.
  • Comprehensively tested to ensure specified performance on site.