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Since its establishment in 1965, KOSO group has developed a wide range of high-quality control valves of diversified types, greatly contributing to the implementation of process automation (PA) in various industries. In 1976 KOSO started to manufacture and sell automation systems utilizing its abundant experience and know-how earned by that time. Today, even more strengthened, KOSO is able to offer a complete line of automation systems, including sensors, controllers and computers. KOSO stands ready to meet every need of clients who demand the very best in comprehensive automation systems. Through its vast experience in creating the most advanced designs, for total systems to meet diverse needs across the spectrum, ranging from process automation to factory automation, the KOSO group has developed the technician finesse that is the guiding force enabling it to realize successful diversification of its operations. With a solid foundation to support the development of innovative technologies and, manufacturing process the KOSO group has its sights set on the challenges that await it during the 21st century.

Since its foundation, Nihon Koso has prided itself on one thing above all else ..., our creative spirit.

Our creativity is the fuel that boosts our youthful energy as we face new challenges in daunting but promising areas of technology. Our constant growth, the product of dynamic youthfulness and a commitment to excellence, has produced innumerable technical innovations and exciting product developments. Indeed, the creative spirit from which Nihon Koso was born flows throughout the Company, invigorating each division and making us what we are. As we face the challenge of bringing to fruition the great potential that we know the future holds, we are determined to reinforce this spirit as we proceed, supported by our youthful energy.

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Advanced Technology to Meet Our Clients Needs

Our goal in manufacturing is to guarantee high quality 100% of the time. To achieve this, we use only the best hardware and software to create advanced, comprehensive production systems with CAD/CAM automation lines, unmanned transport systems, production control systems and other sophisticated processes. In addition to the high performance and high quality standards of products that bear the KOSO brand name, our clients around the world value our abundant experience in meeting their demands for superior technology. For the members of the KOSO Group, it is clear that our firm determination to refine our technological prowess, strengthen our processes, introduce advanced equipment and strive to meet the challenges for the future has made us what we are today. The KOSO Group is adding electronics-related technology to its mastery of measuring, mechanical and electrical technologies, as we continue to meet the challenging needs of the fast-growing family of satisfied KOSO customers.

Meeting Diverse Needs with a Broad Product Line

With a careful eye to maintaining quality control, Nihon KOSO plants produce automation systems supported by a wide range of control valves, encompassing the extremes of both small and large valves, low- and high-pressure valves, and low- and high-temperature valves. To ensure that our clients get what they need, when they need it, our plants operate on a just-in-time policy. Furthermore, as a manufacturer of automation devices, the KOSO Group is committed to developing unique valve components. We also offer valve accessories, sensors and other components essential for automated engineering processes.

On the Cutting Edge of Creativity with a Universal Perspective – Nihon KOSO is Company with Vision

With technology exports, tie-ups and exchanges, Nihon KOSO's activities outside Japan are not limited to selling KOSO brand products. The source of our global success is our unceasing commitment to pursuing advanced technology through innovative developments. A constant watch on promising technologies around the world keeps Nihon KOSO's technological skills sharp and ensures that our R&D results in superior products. KOSO is associated with SOR of the US, the world's top manufacturer; with Bacharaoh in the field of sensors; and with Ronan of the US in process monitoring systems. Regarding control measuring instruments, KOSO has a full-automation supply structure in collaboration with Powell-Process System of the US, enabling KOSO to handle automation of any scale in all fields of industry. Indeed, Nihon KOSO is ready to meet all automation needs, in any field, in any environment. Outside Japan, the KOSO brand is expanding through locally-established KOSO companies which are working hard to meet the expectations that come with the KOSO name. Innovative product development, diverse exports, technological supply, joint ventures around the world. Nihon KOSO is expanding swiftly across the globe with a single vision – to bring the possibilities of tomorrow to its clients today.

A Sales Force Strong Enough to Take Nihon KOSO into Global Markets

With the second largest share of the Japanese control valve market, Nihon KOSO is a company whose presence is felt around the world. Our business network, a growing number of service centres, reassuring sales service and reliable maintenance service are some of the reasons why KOSO has earned the respect and esteem of demanding clients all over the globe. KOSO is associated with SOR of the US, the world's top manufacturer; with Bacharaoh in the field of sensors; and with Ronan of the US in process monitoring systems. Regarding control measuring instruments, KOSO has a full-automation supply structure in collaboration with Powell-Process System of the US, enabling KOSO to handle automation of any scale in all fields of industry. Exports currently account for over 35% of Nihon KOSO's sales. Our products are shipped to Europe and America, the Middle East and everywhere else where high-quality products are appreciated. With expanding tie-ups in the market, the demand for Nihon KOSO's products is growing globally. The creativity of youth is the key that can open the door to a wonderful future for mankind. At Nihon KOSO Co., Ltd., we believe in youthful power, and "creativity" represents our corporate character. These are the two foundations upon which we have built our company in to what is today. With the arrival of the new century, our dreams continue to expand endlessly. At Nihon KOSO, we aspire to achieve the possibilities of the future as we exceed the expectations of the present

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1965Nov.Starts business as control valve manufacturer
1966Aug.Establishes Nihon KOSO Industry Co., Ltd.(Manufacturing division)
1971Jun.Establishes Tokyo KOSO Co., Ltd.
1974Nov.Acquires KHK(The High Pressure Gas Safety Institute of Japan)certification
1976Mar.Establishes KOSO Engineering Co., Ltd.
Dec.Establishes KOSO Service Co., Ltd.
1977Feb.Establishes Nihon KOSO Co., Ltd.(Sales division)
1978MayEstablishes KOSO International, Inc.〈U.S.A.〉
1979Mar.Acquires A.P.I. certification
MayEstablishes Korea Controls Co., Ltd.(as a joint enterprise)〈Korea〉
Sep.Starts technology transfer negotiation with China National Technology Import & Export Corp.
1980Apr.Establishes KOSO Co., Ltd.
1982Nov.Singns rep. agreement with Ronan Engeering Company of U.S.A. for sales to Janpnese market Acquires interest in Souto Seisakusho Co., Ltd.
1984MayIntroduces IBM factory automation system
1985Feb.Signs agreement with I.M.I Baley Birkett Ltd. of U.K. for technology transfer
Apr.Signs agreement with Anshan Instrument Co. of China for technology transfer
1986Mar.Signs agreement with Control Components Inc. of U.S.A. for a mutual technology transfer
MayDiagnosing Chinese business for technology renovation.(JAPAN-CHINA NATIONAL PROJECT)
1987MayAcquires UNDERWRITERS LABORATORIES INC. certification
Dec.Signs agreement with Wuxi Instrument Valve Co., Ltd. of China for technology transfer
1988Aug.Establishes Korea KOSO Engineering Co., Ltd.〈Korea〉
1989MayEstablishes Wuxi KOSO Control valve Co., Ltd.(as a joint enterprise)〈China〉
Jun.Establishes KOSO-AACI (Anshan) Co., Ltd.(as a joint enterprise)〈China〉
Oct.Signs rep. agreement with Adalet-Plm of U.S.A. for sales to Japanese market
1990Jan.Establishes Pacific Seismic Product, Inc.〈U.S.A.〉
MayEstablishes Toren Co., Ltd.
1991Mar.Signs agreement with Tianjin No.4 Instrument Factory of China for technology transfer
Apr.Signs rep. agreement with SOR Inc. of U.S.A. for sales to Japanese market
JulyAcquires Herutu Electronics Co., Ltd.
1992Mar.Acquires Toyo Steel Belt Ind. Co., Ltd.
Apr.Signs rep. agreement with Drallim Controls Ltd. of U.K. for sales to Japanese market
1993MayEstablishes KOSO Controls Asia Pte. Ltd.〈Singapore〉
      Acquires the ownership of Korea Controls Co., Ltd.〈Korea〉
      Establishes KOSO Control Engineering (Wuxi)Co., Ltd.〈China〉
Aug.Acquires Rexa Inc. of U.S.A. (Changes Rexa’s name to KOSO America, Inc.)
Sep.Acquires Shinkosha Co., Ltd.
1994Jun.Acquires ISO9001 certification
1995Sep.Acquires Sigma Electric Works Co., Ltd
1996Oct.Establishes KOSO Control Engineering Co., Ltd.〈China〉
2000Jan.Acquires Tokyo Okazaki Industries Co., Ltd.
JulyKorea Controls Co., Ltd. changes its Korean name to Korea KOSO Co., Ltd.
2001Feb.Merges Nihon KOSO Co., Ltd.(Manufacturing division)with KOSO Service Co., Ltd.
Jun.Establishes KOSO Fluid Controls Private Ltd.〈India〉
2002Jan.Acquires Tensho Printing Co., Ltd.
Feb.Establishes Hangzhou Hangyang KOSO Pump & Valve Co., Ltd.
Mar.Establishes SP Laboratory Co., Ltd.
Apr.Establishes Wuxi KOSO Valve casting Co., Ltd.
JulyAcquires the assets of Hammel Dahl globe control valves line.
2005Jun.TOREN Co., Ltd. Changes its name to Nihon KOSO Fuji Co., Ltd.
      Acquires the assets of Kent Introl products line.
      Establishes KOSO Kent Introl Ltd.〈U.K.〉
      Establishes Kent Introl Private Ltd.〈India〉
2007Jan.Establishes KOSO M-Mac International, Inc.〈U.S.A.〉
Jun.Establishes Wuxi KOSO Fluid Control Co., Ltd.〈China〉
2008Oct.Establishes KOSO Control Engineering〈Anshan〉Co., Ltd.〈China〉
2009Jan.Establishes the Dubai Branch of Nihon KOSO Co., Ltd.
Feb.Korea KOSO Engineering Co., Ltd.〈Korea〉establishes a new plant.
MayOpens Moscow Sales Office〈Russia〉
2010Nov.Kent Introl Private Ltd., changes its corporate name into KOSO India Private Ltd.
2011Feb.Acquires the Yoneki Valve business from TOKAI Corporation〈currently the Fuji Factory of Tokyo KOSO Co., Ltd.〉
JulyEstablishes KOSO Control Europe s.r.o.〈Czech〉
Dec.Establishes the second factory at KOSO Control Engineering〈Wuxi〉Co., Ltd.
      Relocates Nihon KOSO’s Dubai Branch to its Abu Dhabi Branch
2012Apr.Establishes Wuxi KOSO Valve Technology Service Co., Ltd.〈China〉
Dec.Acquires the ownership of KOSO Control Instrument〈Anshan〉Co., Ltd.
2013Mar.Merges KOSO America and Rexa Inc. into one
2014Jun.Expansion of KOSO America and Rexa Inc. into separate factories/businesses.
2015Jan.Establishes Rexa Canada Corp.〈Canada〉
Mar.Wuxi KOSO Valve Casting Co., Ltd. starts operations of its new casting factory in China
Aug.KOSO Control Engineering〈Wuxi〉Co., Ltd. relocates its office to a new one.
Sep.Establishes KOSO Gulf LLC〈Oman〉
Oct.KOSO Control Instrument〈Anshan〉Co., Ltd. relocates its factory to a new one.
Nov.KOSO America relocates its factory to a new one
2016Apr.Establishes KOSO Saudi Arabia Company Branch〈Saudi Arabia〉
Nov.Establishes KOSO Italy S.r.l.〈Italy〉
2018MayAcquires the control valve business of Parcol S.p.A., Milan, Italy
Aug.Establishes KOSO Parcol S.r.l.〈Italy〉into which KOSO Italy S.r.l. is merged